Saturday, June 09, 2012

About the Artist

My name is Margaret Chown.   I'm a Toronto fine artist, working primarily in digital media with a background in acrylic, graphite, ink and graphic arts.  I've been an artist since my youth.  I depict women mostly.  I love curves, elegance and ambiguous spaces.  You can check out my work, which is always on exhibit somewhere, at I also write short stories and poetry.  But most of all, I'm a single mother of four awe-inspiring daughters. I teach art too, to people of all ages and abilities at local community centres, private and public. I am a member of Scarborough Arts and I juried The Big Art Book 2012. I was among a handful of artists in residence at the Bluffs Gallery later that year. I've painted a few murals, including "The Lady of Scarborough Village" in Fred Johnson park (2010). My piece, "Together," was featured at an International Women's Day celebration in Scarborough put on by We Are For Women.  "Women in Time" was a juror's choice in the Big Art Book 4. 

I have a lot to share about the joys and trials of getting an arts career off the ground at a late-ish age and raising kids.  But for the most part I'll be using this blog as a resource for my amazing students. To find an article, open the timeline sidebar and look for titles starting with the name of your course.


Margaret Chown 


Anonymous said...

Hi, Maggie (it's Patrick, from 3d rock) - nail polish is like having William Blake in a bottle.

I need to see if my gmail account has a free blog somewhere. So I can share my acetone visions. Nail them down, so to speak.


Anonymous said...

OK, I now have a blog called "John Shade." I'm not sure what the address is, but will post it, when I find my way back to it. Be seeing you!

msklystron said...

LOL! John Shade! When I opened my google account six years ago... I don't recall anything about there being a free blog. I'm thinking I'll fill it with rants on various topics. Ranting is such an under-appreciated art.

Anonymous said...

My John Shade blog will be the only place to reach me on the net, for a while. The Nabokovian poet, Mr. Shade, may revive and reappear in other forms, hopefully scrubbed of personal information.

Rants can be sublime or dull. BTW, javelin and javelina (a New World wild pig, IIRC) suggest a false etymologic connection.

Anonymous said...

Correction: a javelina is a peccary, not a pig. Both pigs and peccaries belong to the same taxonomic family, though.

Anonymous said...

John Shade is no more. Erased by a mad Zemblan assassin, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Marg, this is the only URL I could find for your blog. This looks like the old one you opted not to develop, so I'm hunting for the more recent one that you renamed. A google search didn't discover that one. (but found several for Margaret Cho, a popular Asian-american comic) --Patrick Nilson