Monday, January 11, 2016

Cedarbrook Drawing and Sketching course outline Winter 2016

Cedarbrook C.C.
Drawing and Sketching, Winter 2016
Wednesdays 9:30am to 11:30am 

Week 1:  Jan 6th
Course overview.  Review of classroom materials.  The theme this session is the UK.
Demo:  Value.
Exercise: using teacher provided resources draw a celtic knot in pencil, ink or fine-point marker.   

Week 2:  Jan 13th
Warm-up: Sketches of stones. Demo:  rough textures and discussion on Stonehenge theories. 
Drawing: Create a pencil drawing based on photos of Stonehenge. 
Week 3:  Jan 20th
Warm-up: sketch sky out of the window. Demo:  Basic sky approaches and perspective.
Demo:  Turner light inspired skies in chalk pastel.  “The Sun is God” 
Week 4:  Jan 27th 
Sketch:  sketching to 3 types of music.
Drawing: Develop one sketch into a drawing.
Discussion:  The work of Whistler esp. painting to the Nocturnes.  Discussion on inspiration.
Week 5:  Feb 3rd
Sketches of the skull. Sketches based on Gainsborough and British portrait artists.
Develop either skull or Gainsborough style sketch into a drawing.
Week 6:  Feb 10th
Discussion:  Henry Moore and essence and weight of form.  Demo: Rounding out of forms.  Create stylized Henry Moore style drawings based on photos of figures on large paper in charcoal.
Week 7:  Feb 17th    
Discussion:  The cultural impact of the Victorians and Steampunk style. 
Small drawing inspired by Victorian décor or steampunk style, with metallic sharpies.   

Week 8:  Feb 24th   
Discussion:  The impact of the computer/internet age on art. 
Drawings based on David Hockney’s iphone flowers using oil pastels, pencil crayons and vegetable oil for blending.    

Week 9:  March 2nd  
Discussion:  Art with a message, Banksy’s story and graffiti art.
Drawing: inspired by the work of Banksy.

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