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Acrylic Paining at Momiji: Materials List updated Jan 14/2015

Acrylic Painting at Momiji
Materials List
Artist’s quality paint:

·         150 ml tube of titanium white
·         60ml tubes each of the 4 following colours:  iron oxide black or mars black, yellow ochre, burnt umber, raw sienna.
·         60ml tubes each of the following cool and warm primary colours* (6 in total):  alizarin crimson (cool red), cadmium red medium (warm red), lemon yellow (cool yellow), cadmium yellow light (warm yellow), ultramarine or cobalt blue (cool blue), and phthalo or cerulean blue (warm blue).

*Colour (pigment/ hue) names vary. 
Note:  If you have acrylics at home you may bring them. ‘Artist’s’ quality paints are suitable for exhibition (while lower grades of acrylics – such as ‘student’, ‘scholastic’ or ‘craft’ have more filler, less pigment, and aren’t suitable for exhibition.) 
Artist’s acrylic paint brands include:  Winsor & Newton, Stevenson’s, Golden, Liquitex, TriArt, Grumbacher, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Reeves and many more. 
Art Supply Stores in Toronto:
·         De Serres has several locations in Toronto, the closest is on Danforth Ave., but tends to be pricey.
·         D.L. Stevenson & sons, or “Stevenson’s” is on Warden just south of Sheppard.  The paint is made on site.
·         Curry’s has three stores downtown, but generally higher prices. 
·         Michaels has stores in Kennedy Commons, Pickering and on Yonge St.
·         Loomis and Toles is still around (as far as I know) on the Danforth and Uptown.  
·         Woolfitt’s, Aboveground, Gwartzman’s, Tern and Toose are located near OCADU (Queen St. West area).  Gwartzman’s is known for reasonable prices.
·         Artist’s paints and supplies can be ordered online from some of the above retailers.
Painting Surfaces:
A minimum of 3 of any of following types of medium-sized (approximately 12” x 16”) painting surfaces:
·         Pre-stretched, primed canvases, pre-fab wooden (often birch) painting surfaces or canvas boards – available at WalMart, Dollarama and art supply stores, or
·         Masonite boards:  masonite wood product is sold in big sheets at Rona, Lowes, Home Depot.  You will need to cut the sheet to size and prime the smooth side with two or more coats of latex primer or Gesso (available in building stores and Art Supply stores respectively), or
·         Canvases that you have hand-stretched and primed (as above) at home are welcome.  
A selection of 8 to 12 brushes made of real or imitation hoghair bristles, and sable (or cheaper alternative hair) in a variety of shapes, including ‘square’ or ‘flat’, ‘round’ and ‘filbert’, in various sizes ranging from small (approx., 2mm or 1/8”) up to large (approx., 2.5 to 3cm or 1 to 1.5”). 
**Brush sizes are not standardized across brands. 
Note:  Natural hoghair bristle and natural sable hair brushes sold individually are very expensive. Imitation bristle or cheaper alternative hair brushes (such as ‘camel’) sold in art supply stores are less expensive and quite suitable for beginner and experienced painters.  Packaged sets of brushes sold at art supply stores are fine, but you’ll probably need to buy a large-sized brush separately.  If you already have brushes at home, bring them to class.  Brushes you have used for oil painting are fine if thoroughly cleaned with solvent and washed with dish detergent and warm water.  Here’s a good link on artist brush buying:
Other materials, tools, equipment, etc.
·         Canvas paper (sold in pads) (optional for practice work).
·         Teacher’s chalk (white) or charcoal sticks
·         HB pencil
·         Sketchpad, multi-purpose paper, your preferred size, or the one you are currently using.
·         Easel (optional, not supplied by Momiji), table-sized or stand-alone (floor).
·         Water container
·         Rag
·         Smock or apron, vinyl gloves (optional)
·         Palette knife, tapered or rounded or both
·         Palette, traditional re-usable with thumb hole, or recyclable (ex., foam dinner plate, piece of wood, large plastic lid.)
·         Newspaper, drop sheet.
·         Masking tape or painter’s tape (1”)
·         Ruler
·         Container for paints (Rubbermaid-type storage container, large Ziploc bag, shoebox, etc.) 

Print this list for reference. Contact me at if you have any questions.

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