Monday, September 22, 2014

Acrylic Painting
Momiji, Fall 2014
Thursdays, 12:15pm to 2:15pm, Adult
Instructor, Margaret Chown

Course outline

Week 1 (Sept 18th)
Course overview, my approach is one of many. The freedom of working in Acrylic paint.
Paint and artist’s tools, equipment overview.
Undersketch and visual perspective demo. Watercolour-type brush techniques demo. Sans layering exercise, abstract or realistic still life on sketch paper.

Week 2 (Sept 25th)
Layering, acylic/oil-type brush strokes demo. Chalk undersketch. Small canvas still life or abstract using layering.

Week 3 (Oct 2nd)
Landscapes thru history (East and West). Basic and 1-pt linear perspective undersketch demo. Landscape/nature brushstrokes demo. Landscape on medium canvas based on photo from home or instructor.

Week 4 (Oct 9th)
Continue work on Landscape.

Week 5 (Oct 16th)
Portraiture a brief history. Symmetry of faces and how to capture likeness. Form and value. Sketches on paper based on photo from home or instructor. Earthtone underpainting on medium canvas.

Week 6 (Oct 23rd)
Continue work on Portrait.

Week 7 (Oct 30th)
Overview of acylic mediums and non-brush techniques. Mixed media: Your choice of subject matter and style on medium canvas adding substances, objects from home.

Week 8 (Nov 6th)
Complete all work. Judging your own work. Constructive criticism of other’s work. Class Critique.

Abstract and realism will be covered. Students are encouraged to work in their own style. Experienced students may work on independent projects.  Experimentation is welcome.

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