Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My apologies for being a day or so late with updating the blog. I came down with a cold/flu Friday night and have been under the weather. I should be much better before this week's classes.

Social Media Workshop students:  Tuesday. Below you'll find an entry full of some helpful links and answers to questions raised in the first class. I'll also put up my notes on Twitter for this week's class. You'll also notice material for my Acrylic Painting class at Momiji, many of whom wanted to be kept informed via the blog as well.

Acrylic Painting students: Keep your eyes peeled for the course outline (which will be available in hard copy as well), the materials list, and notes on Brushes, Brushstrokes and Brush Care, which will materialize here later tonight or tomorrow.



Thank you Steve! The projector cable is indeed compatible with my Thinkpad as you thought. I'm so glad you suggested this. I'm relatively new to Momiji and not used to being spoiled with proper equipment. I appreciate everyone's patience with technical difficulties that sometimes arise on the first class.

Watch this blog over the next few days for answers to some of the questions you raised in the first class, including more information on Facebook groups and Pages, re-instating an existing account and Facebook for tablets.  It was such a pleasure to meet everyone today. Jot down any new Facebook or social media questions you may have, and bring them to class next week.



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